PNOĒ Precision Metabolic Testing

What is
Metabolic Testing?

Measuring Resting Metabolic Rate = the number of calories your body burns at rest
Measuring Metabolic Efficiency = the number of calories your body burns during exercise
Measuring VO2 Max = the maximum amount of oxygen your body can utilize during exercise

What can Metabolic Testing do for you?

Metabolic testing allows us to design your optimal nutrition & training plan to help you meet your goals for:
Weight Loss
Fitness Conditioning & Athletic Performance
Muscle Gain

Who can benefit?
General Fitness & Weight Loss

PNOĒ Resting Metabolic Analysis

This analysis allows us to measure your caloric expenditure at rest to design a custom nutrition program. Meet your goals for weight loss, conditioning, or muscle gain goals.

Why get a resting metabolic test?

Your RMR is your body's baseline caloric requirement. Knowing your RMR enables you to:

  • Craft individualized calorie intake targets for your goals to help you lose, gain or maintain your weight.

  • Verify if a training or nutrition program has increased or decreased your metabolism

  • Compare the speed of your metabolism to others of your gender, age, height, and weight


  1. Make an RMR appointment online. An appointment is required for this test. You can cancel or reschedule up to 12 hours beforehand.

  2. Refrain from strenuous exercising for at least 12 hours before the test. Additionally, refrain from eating for at least 5 hours, and using caffeine or nicotine for at least 6 hours before the test.

  3. Lie down for about 10 minutes. You'll be breathing into a mask, which will collect your exhaled air and analyze it.

  4. We will follow up with a detailed report and an action plan with specific recommendations.

PNOĒ Active Metabolic Analysis

During endurance training, it’s important to understand how the body produces energy in order to ensure that the proper energy pathways are being activated and trained for your desired gains. If you’re going to take the time to put in the hours, you should be sure that you are getting the most out of every minute.

With the use of PNOĒ metabolic analyzer, gain unparalleled insight into the systems of your body that generate power. Identify gaps in your fitness profile that can be used to push through plateaus in your training like never before.

The PNOĒ Active Metabolic Analysis Session Includes:

  • Find your ventilatory threshold powers, VO2 Max Fat, and Carb max intensities and utilization rates.

  • A look into your Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Cellular, and Neuromuscular function with regards to exercise performance.

  • An expert breakdown analysis to form a detailed in-depth view of your physiological profile and current fitness levels (and progress with continued appointments).

  • Training prescription outline based around your goals and the results of your test sent to you and/or your primary coach.

  • An in-depth report included, with a full breakdown of recommendations and how to implement them.